Thursday, August 31, 2006


5 1/2 Truths About The 2006-2007 College Football Season

With the 2006-2007 NCAA season kicking off in about 2 1/2 hours, I thought it was time to do a little preview of the year to come. Here is a list of truths to live by this season..

1. Don't buy the hype, the Big East is weak - Yes, I am aware that either West Virginia or Louisville could easily finish the season undefeated, but don't let that fool you. Are these teams fun to watch? Yes. Are their offenses bound to light up the scoreboards? Sure. But these teams are far too weak to make a case for the National Championship. Not strong enough defense and a watered down Big East will make these teams poised for a BCS bowl game, but will also call for a potential blow-out should they reach the BCS Championship.

2. There will be 3-4 undefeated teams at the season's end - BCS haters will have plenty to chew on in early December when the bowls are being sorted out. It is very likely that West Virginia. Louisville, Miami, FSU, Auburn, USC, Notre Dame, Texas and Ohio State ALL have strong cases to run the table. Granted, it's impossible for all of these teams to go undefeated as some of them play each other (see #3) but look for another BCS mess at the end of the season.

3. Notre Dame vs. USC will be the best game of the year, again - Saturday, November 25th @ 8:00 p.m. Mark your calendars. USC only has two tough games beforehand (Cal and Arkansas) and will likely be undefeated when they face off against the Irish. Notre Dame has one hell of a schedule, as they have to travel to Georgia Tech and Michigan while hosting Penn State in September alone. However, after those three games, it should be smooth sailing for the Irish. People may be overlooking USC since they lose some guys named Bush and Leinart, but USC will keep plugging in 5-star recruits and will keep contending for the National Championship. Notre Dame has it's same dominant offense, but it's their defense that will need to step up in this game. I predict USC edging out ND 38-35.

4. Brady Quinn will win the Heisman - Perfect system? Check. Marketable player? Check. Quarterback? Check. On national TV every week? Check. It's Quinn's Heisman to lose, and he won't. With Darius Walker adding some men to the box, look for the Quinn-Shark combo to rival some of the best duos in college football history. Quinn for Heisman, book it. By the way, the Packers (my pick to hold the #1 pick in next year's draft) will really regret their Aaron Rodgers draft. Quinn would look great in green and gold.

5. Patrick Willis will be the best rookie in the NFL next year - Who is this guy you might ask? This beast of a middle linebacker plays for Ole Miss (sadly) and may be the best player in college football. Last year as a junior, Willis was a 1st Team All-American, was a semi-finalist for the Bednarik award and had 120 tackles. Willis is already one of the top prospects in the '07 NFL Draft and I guarantee he follows in the footsteps as the other rookie LBs in recent history (Vilma, Tatupu). Keep your eyes open for this guy, he's gonna be special.

5 1/2. Auburn will beat Miami for the National Championship - I only gave this one a half of a truth because I am not 100% confident with this prediction. However, if "The U" gets past FSU, they don't have too many bumps in the road the rest of the way. If Auburn can withstand their brutal SEC schedule, they could easily be there as well. Don't write this one down yet, but this is my prediction for the National Championship game.

Bring on the football..

Notre Dame plays Penn State in South Bend this year.
Miami plays FSU, @ Louisville, Virginia Tech, and FSU again....that is more than a few bumps
I'm hoping that half-truth is 100% accurate...Auburn is getting 14/1 on saying.
Do you think Iowa has a chance? They are capable of beating Ohio St. at home, and if so, considering they beat Michigan, well, yeah, sounds though when I say it out loud, but possible!
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